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Why choose Yorkshire Change Management for your M&A?

Our team of consultants have been involved in several acquisitions, both personally and on behalf of clients and are able to guide you through the process. Our target generation service has to-date delivered a c10% response rate for each engagement.

M&A Strategy and Due Diligence

Providing corporate and private equity clients with both the buy and sell side transaction operational due diligence.

Company integration

We cover all functional areas, including commercial (for example, sales, and product development), operational (such as manufacturing, supply chain, and procurement), and enabling functions (for instance, technology), which helps clients achieve maximum value and a smooth path to integration.

Joint Ventures and Alliances

We help clients develop a strategic motivation for the partnership and help them find appropriate partners. We also help them define the preferred outcome, measure growth, and alter course, as necessary, to align strategy, value, and objectives for all partners.

Learning Capability and Building

This involves strategy and sourcing, due diligence and deal execution, integration preparation and implementation, and establishing an M&A operating model.

Changing the way Companies come together as one..

Yorkshire Change are specialists on M&A deals. We understand that over time, organisations branch out into new sectors, they wish to attract new customers or integrate with other competing businesses. If you are looking to grow your business rapidly through a merger or acquisition but are unsure of the process or do not take your eye off the day to day running of your business then we can help.

Whether you are looking for help in identifying and engaging potential targets or want the end-to-end process managed on your behalf we offer a confidential approach that delivers results.

Used correctly, company mergers can be an excellent way for aspiring firms to attract new audiences and generate more profit. The problem is, merging one company with another isn’t as simple as it seems.

Changing the way employees feel, behave, and perform during mergers and acquisitions

One of the fundamental reasons why mergers and acquisitions fail is that cultural integration isn’t right. According to Harvard Business Review, between 70% and 90% of mergers and acquisitions fail because they fail to take care of the people. Key employees leave, teams might not get along or demotivation seeps into the company being acquired.

 Instead, we help you with a holistic integration program which proactively addresses the full scope of changes your employees may feel in an integration. We aim to embed company cultural changes, communicate at all levels, take on feedback and manage operational values.

Streamlining processes after an M&A

Yorkshire Change Consultants help businesses to integrate their technical infrastructures and processes.

Streamlining Processes

We do this by establishing which of the two companies offers the most effective process and help you adopt this one. This reduces holistic changes and reduces risk.

Functionality & Processes

We help you assess what functionality will enable and support your business processes and business process development.

Data Architecture

We help you identify the characteristics of data architecture of the two business entities and their ability to extract, display and report of this data.


We help companies evaluate their hardware and software assets to determine how they can enhance resources without hindering business functionality or processes.

Due Diligence when buying a new business

There are conventionally three types of due diligence you should do when buying a new business. These include:

Legal due diligence - as part of a sales and purchase contract, solicitors can verify that the business has legal title to sell, ownership of all the assets and that regulatory and litigation matters are completely taken care of.

Financial due diligence - checking the numbers all add up and making sure there are no obscure financial issues.

Commercial due diligence - finding out the business' position in the marketplace, examining competitors and the regulatory nature of the business.

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