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We're to Help Our Customers Succeed.

Yorkshire Change Consultants Ltd was established back in 2014, since which time it has gone from strength to strength.  We pride ourselves on really listening to our clients’ needs, providing them with simple guidance and hands-on support that make a genuine difference to how process changes are implemented and managed within their organisation. We deliver change rather than just talk about it and we ‘do’, we don’t just orchestrate. 

We get to know our customers well – and we can do that as we are a small central team, with access to first-class, experienced resource. Together, we provide exceptional support and customer service, predominantly to small-to-medium sized companies (SMEs). 

Based in North Yorkshire, we offer best-in-class solutions and great Yorkshire value. We are passionate about helping organisations within our region flourish and succeed, through implementing and managing change and business processes efficiently and effectively.

About Change

Like it or not, change is happening around us all the time. Slow changes, quick changes, changes in the environment, changes in our customers’ expectations, supplier changes, economic changes, changes in innovation, changes in our competition, unexpected changes – change is everywhere.

We know change can be difficult for any business, but one thing is certain when we are talking about change – it is essential if you want to succeed in a world of increasing competition and evolving markets. Change can look very different for different organisations – there is no ‘one size fits all’. Our consultants will work with you throughout your change process whether this is growing a business into a new market, implementing new technology or realigning costly processes.

We will provide an experienced team, the very best people who will work with you and your team to understand how best to streamline your processes, and ultimately how to get the best out of change.  We will be there with you throughout the change process – when you want us and where you want us. 

Skills & Knowledge

It can be a way to quickly acquire new skills and knowledge.

Market Share

It immediately results in a larger market share and more assets.


It can facilitate access to capital, as well as to new markets.

Reduced Risk

A diversified portfolio of stocks lowers risk while increasing return.

Chris Grieveson, Director​

Meet the Director

With a background in business analysis, change management and LEAN process improvement, Chris is skilled in helping businesses use software, systems and processes to improve their efficiency and performance. Chris offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in integrating systems and data migration and has spent much of his working life working in, or with, the food, manufacturing and logistics sectors.

Chris has worked with a number of well-known brands business to implement Enterprise level solutions which add value to the business, not cost. He now wants to offer these solutions to the SME market. 

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We’re all about working closely with our clients from day one and matching them to our best consultants. If you would like to find out how we can help you, or if you just want to find out a bit more about our approach or our current projects and clients, please contact us for a no obligations discussion. 

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